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.KBC. - ‘Content for Conferences’

.The Challenge.
KBC engaged Headcase Tv looking to add energy, engagement and effectiveness to their internal conferences. Featuring large screens and 100s of attendees, these conferences are an important way for KBC to outline the work they have done and their future plans - and so want to communicate in an effective and engaging manner.

.The Response.
Headcase liaised with KBC to establish the main objectives, tone and to brainstorm their envisaged themes. After assessing and collating all the information, assets and vision, we set out to devise a core idea for each piece of content.
Through a combination of our creative studio skills and the use of tunes, animation and clever editing we produced several highly engaging pieces of informative content.

Headcase has developed a great working relationship with the KBC brand team, and have since managed content projects for subsequent conferences as well as other internal presentations & video content. It's been a great account to work on.